Created by the founder of a global brand dedicated to mental health awareness, r0ok Token is the first Binance Smart Chain community charity token that is fully backed by an established brand.

$R0OK was created as a charity token that has two main purposes.
  • To give the community a token they can have complete trust and faith in.

  • To create a steady source of donations for the mental health community that stem from the crypto space.
By simply buying and holding $R0OK, you are helping an important part of the bigger cause by helping create awareness for a worldwide epidemic.

The $R0OK Warrior community (on Discord) is essential to our entire project. Every weekend, we feature Self Care Sunday, which is a day where we focus on self-care as a community. Where we listen to music, play games, do live trivia, watch movies, and more. If you are having a rough day and want someone to talk to, have any questions about the project, or you just want to talk crypto, the Warrior community will always be there with open arms to welcome new Warriors at the door.

Circ. Supply

Circulating Supply
500, 000, 000

Tokens Burned
137, 000, 000

Total Supply

Initial Liquidity 38, 250, 000

Charity Donations 60, 000, 000

Marketing 95, 250, 000

Project Development 94, 500, 000

Presale Liquidity 75, 000, 000


Every transaction is taxed at 6%

-2% allocated for charity

-2% allocated for project development

-2% redistributed to all the holders

Anti-Dump & Anti-Whale

The maximum limit set for
(buy/sell/transfer) is
1, 000, 000 tokens.

r0ok originated as r0ok Clothing Co, founded by Ty Campos, a clothing company dedicated to spreading mental health awareness. Because he is involved with the crypto community, he decided to create $R0OK to create a bridge between the two communities, while offering the same morals and principles that are behind r0ok Clothing Co.

Follow our social channels to stay up-to-date with all information. If you want to talk with our great community members for yourself, then you should join our the official $R0OK social groups! Check the top of the page for links.

Along with making monthly donations to Mental Health-related charities, we are partnering with some of the biggest Non-Profit Organizations for Mental Health and are continuously striving to build our network to be able to help as many people as possible along our journey.

You can add the following token address to your wallet: 0xB8CBc5DD532c32a16f565Ca6Bd3Cc2DA8015bB2d

You can buy $R0OK on PancakeSwap! (Click here)

We provide several benefits to holders, such as automatic reward distribution, the ability to vote in our monthly charity poll, and participate in special holder events (such as giveaways and contests). You’ll also be able to purchase exclusive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) using $R0OK when we establish our NFT Marketplace.